Specialized in standard and custom made packaging

Design Support

Packaging doesn’t have to be standard. Our designers therefore think along with you about a look that perfectly fits your production processes and corporate image.

Wide range of different packaging options

Choice is important. Poorthuis packaging offers this in all aspects: from sizes and applications, to design and practical use.

Customization based on your ideas and our expertise

Packaging plays an increasingly important role in the marketing of products. The attention value is also determined by the choice of material, printing, design and decoration.

Sustainable with a focus on circular

Green entrepreneurship also means green packaging and circular thinking. Together with our clients, we are constantly working towards a sustainable world.



Freshly cut fruit




Decoration / printing

Thinking sustainably

Sustainable and circular thinking and doing is self-evident at Poorthuis packaging
for years. A strong focus on the environment and responsible production largely
determine our strategy: a search for sustainable raw materials and processes
that are applied in our products.

Sustainability seems to be a catchall term, but when you zoom in on practice, you
recognize the interests. That’s why every innovative and alternative material is analyzed and evaluated by us for both existing and new applications. Raw materials such as cardboard, polypropylene, (recycled) PET or pulp play an important role in production. Nevertheless, as a packaging manufacturer, we are not bound by these materials. That’s why we are also constantly looking for new possibilities and materials that fit into a sustainable and circular process.

Sustainability is not just ambition for Poorthuis packaging, it is also action.

Van schets naar ontwerp

From sketch to design

Partnership is important. A good collaboration offers opportunities for the
future. That also applies to the design of new packaging. Working together on the
development of innovative products that fit your identity and processes.

It always starts with the first conversation, the meeting and especially listening to the wishes. What production technique fits, what is packaged and, last but not least, what logistical requirements are imposed. Optimal automatic processing is always a key starting point.

If the first sketches meet expectations, a unique 3D model is made, which gives a
realistic image of the end product. If there is then agreement on the design, the production matrix is made.

Of course, our team advises and guides you based on our years of expertise throughout the entire process. With the ultimate goal that your custom packaging contributes successfully to a healthy business.

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