Poorthuis packaging is recognized as a packaging specialist in the food industry, thanks to a wide range of products and excellent service.

With rich experience and market knowledge, Poorthuis packaging recognizes its
customers’ needs and demands like no one else. Optimal service, clear communication, and accessibility are of great importance. Operating flexibly in a meticulous market and ensuring that there are no disruptions in the packaging process are elements that are taken for granted at Poorthuis packaging.

The heart of our company is formed by an enthusiastic team of 65 employees. Since
2008, expertise in packaging and the food industry has continued to grow, not only
in expertise but also in a technical and innovative sense.

New materials and applications, attention to sustainability and recycling, creativity;
it all comes together to offer our customers the best solutions and answer current

Collaborating with our customers, meeting expectations, and above all, understanding
that service means being able to deliver from stock and just in time, that is our
promise and ambition!