From Sketch to Design

Our team of specialists would love to design the most suitable packaging for your product with you.

We take into account ease of use, material choice, most suitable production technique, and sustainability.

May we design the ideal packaging for you? We start with an informal conversation
where we discuss your requirements and provide you with information. In this
process, we look at the design together, which production technique is best suited,
what the packaging needs to meet, and how we can make it as sustainable as possible.

This will be transformed into a digital sketch, and after the sketches are approved by you, we create a 3D model to physically evaluate the end result. A product can also be filled in at that point, so you get a realistic view of the final packaging.

Step 1:
Sketch design

We start by making a sketch. In this process, it is examined which production technique fits best and what the packaging must comply with.

Step 2:
Review sketch

Based on the sketches, the necessary revisions are made together with you, so that you are satisfied with the design.

Step 3:
3D model and approve

After the sketches have been approved by you in consultation, we make a 3D model to physically visualize the end result

Step 4:

When you are completely satisfied, the production mold can be made and production can start.

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