Even easier and more efficient

Ready-to-go, quickly packaged.

Even easier and more efficient, Ready-to-go, quickly packaged.

Preventing food waste is an important form of sustainability. With Poorthuis packaging’ portion packaging, you and your customers also contribute to this.

The market for convenience products is growing and Poorthuis packaging has
developed special packaging for this. With benefits such as airtight closure for even more freshness and shelf life. And also easily applicable to various food products. After all, convenience serves mankind.

Pand Almelo

Design Support

Packaging doesn’t have to be standard. Our designers therefore think along with you about a look that perfectly fits your production processes and corporate image.

Wide range of different packaging options

Choice is important. Poorthuis packaging offers this in all aspects: from sizes and applications, to design and practical use.

Customization based on your ideas and our expertise

Packaging plays an increasingly important role in the marketing of products. The attention value is also determined by the choice of material, printing, design and decoration.

Sustainable with a focus on circular

Green entrepreneurship also means green packaging and circular thinking. Together with our clients, we are constantly working towards a sustainable world.

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