Decoration / Printing

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Outstanding in design and printing

A packaging must stand out. On the shelf, in the refrigeration unit, or in any other
place. That’s why attention to design and printing is of vital importance.

Poorthuis packaging offers several options to refine the packaging. IML (In Mould
Labelling), Offset Dry/Wet and Embossing contribute to a specific appearance and
enhance your corporate branding.

But not only that, you also receive advice and information about the choice of ink,
nutritional declaration, font size, EAN codes and tracking numbers.

In terms of technical design for the creation of a packaging, including undercolor
removal, trapping, support colors, overprint, margins, etc., you will find the right answers and specifications at Poorthuis packaging.

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Design Support

Packaging doesn’t have to be standard. Our designers therefore think along with you about a look that perfectly fits your production processes and corporate image.

Wide range of different packaging options

Choice is important. Poorthuis packaging offers this in all aspects: from sizes and applications, to design and practical use.

Customization based on your ideas and our expertise

Packaging plays an increasingly important role in the marketing of products. The attention value is also determined by the choice of material, printing, design and decoration.

Sustainable with a focus on circular

Green entrepreneurship also means green packaging and circular thinking. Together with our clients, we are constantly working towards a sustainable world.

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