For now and later

Sustainability is important, not only for now, but also for the future. That’s why Poorthuis packaging is looking for opportunities and ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Keeping the world clean, both literally and figuratively, is of great importance in our industry and company.

Within the total chain that we serve as a packaging expert, responsibility for a green and healthy environment plays a big role. Customers and consumers are also becoming more and more convinced of the urgency of sustainable business processes and products.

That’s why Poorthuis packaging adheres to a number of important principles, including minimizing waste and emissions, recycling, and reusing reusable resources where possible in our production. Furthermore, the choice is already made for both new and recycled materials for products that have the least impact on the environment.

Poorthuis packaging sees opportunities for investment in a green world as a necessity. Not only for the current, but also for future generations who want to enjoy safe, healthy and green products. That’s why we take our responsibility to realize sustainable greening seriously.

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