Your fruits and vegetables in the best packaging?

Cardboard buckets with topseal

Our product range has been expanded to include cardboard buckets that can be sealed with a topseal. Together with the existing rPET and PP packaging, we now offer an even wider range of packaging solutions.

Logistics optimization!

Discover our possibilities for maximum savings on logistics costs. In addition to using recycled materials, this is also a serious form of sustainability. We will gladly tell you the possibilities where you can pack up to as much as 25% more compared to current packaging.

Mono PP buckets

Our mono PP buckets offer several advantages, including fully automatic processing without machine modification, the possibility of decoration with IML or offset printing, and the availability of a PP lid. All this with minimal material, making the bucket extra light.

RPET packaging

Of course, you can also opt for sustainability with our rPET packaging. Made from recycled materials, they offer high-quality, eco-friendly solutions for packaging your products.

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